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Thomas Davenport

por The MenStyle | 22•06•2020

Fala pessoal, hoje trazemos mais um convidado especial.

Seguimos o Thomas Davenport há séculos e convidamos para um papo bem descontraído. Quem aí conhece ele?

Vem conferir o perfil dele AQUI! 


Where are you from?


I’m from Melbourne, Australia


How did your passion for music come?


I’ve been super passionate about music ever since I could remember. I’d spend most of my time as a kid in my room listening to CD’s. As I grew up I really wanted to learn how all the sounds were made and have a better understanding of what went into the songs that I loved. So I started teaching myself how to sing, play guitar and drums.


Tell us a little about your relationship with your tattoos.


This is a strange one, because I didn’t necessarily love tattoos as a kid, my family conditioned me to hate them, like most families would I’d assume. As I grew older and had a strong interest in heavy alternative music and I guess I was exposed to traditional tattoos all the time. This is where I grew to love that style of art and chose to get some myself. I also really like the idea of being able to make myself look even more different from the average person.


I honestly never intended to get anywhere near as many as I have now, but things change. Of course there are lots of tattoos of mine that I don’t love anymore but I believe that’s all part of it.


Your relationship with your followers that love tattoos.


I really appreciate all of the followers that have come from my tattoos, their support has helped me open to doors to many amazing opportunities and experiences. I just hope that they don’t make some silly decisions like I did when I was young, haha.


I think we can say that you are a vain guy. What's your beauty routine?  Is there any special care with your tattoos?


Haha I guess that’s hard to argue with. I have a pretty basic skin care routine, but definitely nothing too full on. I’ve never been much of a partier, have always eaten well, exercised a lot and looked after myself in as many ways as possible. I think they’re definitely factors that can have a huge effect down the track.


Those who follow you know of your passion for accessories.  Tell us how important they are when putting together a look.


I’ve always gone for a more minimal look in terms of accessories. I think it’s important that someone’s style looks somewhat effortless. My accessory choices are always occasion and outfit dependent, but I think a simple neck chain or two, paired with a bracelet and a few minimal rings are always looks I’m going for.


Speaking of look, what is the fundamental piece when you think about rocking the style.


Recently I’ve started piecing outfits around my trousers. Once I choose a pair of trousers, jeans, or shorts then the top and shoe choices become easier. Taking your overall silhouette into consideration is key.


What would we find in excess in your closet? And what we would hardly see there.


About 50 black t-shirts, no joke. You’ll also find a lot of white, off white, beige, forest green and some red.

My trousers and jeans are all colour coded… Actually my entire wardrobe is colour coded haha. You’re definitely not going to find a lot of variety in terms of colour, but definitely no shortage of options.


There are many people who say that tattooed people don't look cool in printed clothes.  Do you agree ?  Do you prefer the minimalist side of fashion?


I can definitely agree with this, although there are some exceptions. Depending on the pattern, you can simplify the outfit with colour blocking and monochrome looks. At the end of the day if someone looks comfortable in what they’re wearing, then I’m conformable.


Which brands have a special connection?


Acne Studios, Dior, A-COLD-WALL*, Nike, Helmut Lang, ADER Error,


Health care and food are super necessary and we want to know about your routine with them.


Eating a balanced diet with lots of variety is often advised and for a good reason. Supplementing with a good multi vitamin is always encouraged to ensure your body isn’t lacking in any key vitamins / minerals.

I don’t eat meat, therefore ensure that I maintain healthy iron levels and obtain my protein from other sources.


I think I touched on before that I’m not much of a drinker, and I think that has benefited me a lot over the years and will continue to benefit me down the track. I don’t think people quite understand what the abuse of alcohol will do to them down the track.


I’ve been resistance training since I was 19 and I was a Personal Trainer for 6 years of my life so my knowledge of that subject is above average. I don’t quite train as hard and heavy as what I used to, to maintain a slimmer look, but I still train 5-6 times a week for maintenance reasons. I’m sure people understand the importance of resistance training by now, and if not I strongly encourage them to learn about it.


Typically the better you’re training, the better you’re eating, the better you’re sleeping, the better you’re feeling. It all has a big trickle effect into all aspects of your life. 


How do you believe this pandemic will change our lives?


I really hope it’s given people a better understand of what’s really important, and reminded them of the simple things that we take for granted. I hope more people get to work from home, allowing for less daily travel and the earth to thrive because of it.


It is important to believe that we will get out of it all.  What have you learned in these days of confinement?


I’ve learned a lot about myself and how much human contact I need to be happy and function. I’ve also learned more about the people I missed and the people that I didn’t miss haha.


How is your routine?  What are your daily activities and how do you spend your time at home?


Dependent on what I’m doing that day, but I’d usually wake up and train and go for a walk. Then I’ll have a snack, respond to some emails and do some work from home. The rest of my day would usually consist of cooking, chatting to friends, listening to or playing music, playing video games with my friends online and/or watching TV shows I’ve seen a thousand times.


We love you in Brazil.  Do you already know our country?


Of course! Brazil is a huge country with a lot of kind, friendly, supportive and beautiful people. I’d love to visit one day :)

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