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por The MenStyle | 12•07•2020

We want to know where are you from?


So I’m from a place called Islington in London, you’ll know it as the home of Arsenal football club!


Tell us where your passion for football came from and how you came to play professionally?


My passion for football started really early, I think I was constantly playing at school from maybe 5 or 6 years old and realised I was good at it which helped! I grew up next to Arsenal football club and by the time I was 8 me and all my friends were crazy about football and Arsenal.

I played for a local team from around 8 years old and then was spotted and signed by Arsenal at the age of 10.

I stayed at Arsenal till I was 21 and was lucky enough to make a few appearances and train everyday in one of the best teams in the world at the time, with the likes of Tony Adams, Thierry Henry and Dennis bergkamp.

Being at such a great club taught me many great things and gave me great discipline which I’ve used throughout my life.


What were the greatest learnings of that period?  Were there many regrets or do you think everything that went on was fundamental to being the man you became?

Looking back on my career I have some regrets about certain things and how some things turnt out but I try not to focus on them and mostly look back on it with fond memories.

Everything that happened in my career made me the man I am today and I’m so glad about that.

Making my debut v Manchester United was an amazing feeling and one I’ll never forget.


How was the decision to stop football and start a new trajectory?


My career ended on a sore nite as it was through injury. I had a problem with my Achilles which we tried everything to fix but after a year of trying and a few operations I was advised to retire.

The next few months after that were a really tough time but again my family and girlfriend pulled me through.


Whilst I was injured and still at my last club my sister convinced me to try a few modelling agencies which I did but most said no! The last agency I went to see was Next London, Sarah Vickery & Reaan Manns told me to come back when I could go full time, so when I did eventually retire I see Sarah again by luck in a shopping mall and went back in for a test shoot and then they signed me.

It took a while to start booking jobs but after a trip to New York and a front cover shoot for Man of the world I’ve been working ever since!


Nowadays those who accompany you always see you impeccable in well-cut suits.  Do you have that classic side or also bet on more casual looks?


I love to get dressed up and do love a suit if I have somewhere to go but my normal style will be comfy smart casual as I like to call it now!


What is your refuge?  That place that always thinks about going to relax?

My favourite place to relax is my sofa!Haha.  My family and my dog with me and the football on!


Speaking of look, what is the fundamental piece when you think about rocking the style?

Putting a look together... obviously it’s essential to have the right clothes for the occasion. If it’s nothing too special I think it’s just important to get the right colour mixtures, the fit and a nice clean pair of trainers!


Tell us about a remarkable moment in your modeling career.


Some memories that stand out for my modelling career so far have to be Opening Dolce & Gabbana Milan fashion show. Working for Armani and being on the huge screens in Times Square for a couple months for H&M.


What would we find in excess in your closet?  And what we would hardly see there.


I have tons of white trainers in my closet! And a lot of Navy trousers!

I don’t have many Jeans, I just don’t feel comfortable in them and prefer trousers.


How do you decide what to wear during the famous fashion weeks?  Do you have help from a stylist or do you like to choose by yourself?


So with fashion weeks I like to put together my own outfits. Sometimes I will have to wear certain brands if I’m watching their show (Oliver Spencer I really like)


I also like to wear Suitsupply & reiss


What is your skincare ?

My skincare isn’t too much, I will put on cream daily but that is about it. Currently I’m using L’Oréal.


Health care and food are super necessary and we want to know about your routine with them.

I like to workout everyday wether it be running or weight training, it definitely helps with my mentality for the rest of the day.

I normally do sprints on a treadmill for 20 mins ( 30 seconds on 30 off ) but since lockdown I will just do a 3 or 5k run.


My food is generally healthy Monday- Friday but the weekends I will have what a want and a few treats!


How do you believe this pandemic will change our lives?


I think this pandemic will change our lives a lot in the near future and hopefully for the better in the long term. I think it’ll force us to look at a lot of our industries and how so many people are taken advantage of. Fast fashion being one of the problems. Hopefully it’ll bring the world together to try and solve these problems.

I think we’ll learn how important the people who care for us are.


It is important to believe that we will get out of it all.  What have you learned in these days of confinement?


My lockdown taught me to appreciate having time to myself and with family and how privileged I was to be safe. It also showed me how much I enjoyed my job as I’ve missed it a lot!


How is your routine?  What are your daily activities and how do you spend your time at home?

My daily routine has been waking the dog, exercising, enjoying the summer on my terrace and of course watching the football once it returned!


Brazil is the country of football.  So I imagine that you must have heard many stories about this influence in our culture.  Have you been around here?

I’ve been to São Paulo twice and really enjoyed it. The people I met were amazing and the city was great fun. Hopefully I’ll return and see some of the amazing beaches.


Thanks John, loved to have you here.

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