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por The MenStyle | 11•08•2020

Olá galera, tudo bem? 

É um grande prazer trazer um nome tão importante no cenário atual da moda masculina.

Hoje vamos conversar com XAVIER SERRANO.


Where are you from and what place do you call home today?

I’m originally from Barcelona, but I moved to NY two years ago. I guess NY is my home now.


 How did it all start in your career?

I was scouted in the streets of Barcelona some years ago. Early on in my career I went to Milan and Paris fashion weeks and I walked for the biggest designers. That was when I started growing as a model.


 What would you point to as the biggest obstacle so far?

Leaving Barcelona and moving to NY. That took me out of my comfort zone. NY is a tough city, but if you come with the right energy, the city gives you endless opportunities.


What is your most striking experience as a model?

It happened less than a week ago. I was preparing a shooting with a stylist and he had a seizure in front of me. He fell and hit his head on the shower. There was nobody else there, so I had to assist him and called an ambulance. It was a very stressful situation, but luckily he is healthy now.


Which job gave you a special pleasure to do and with which stage partner did you have an interesting chemistry?

I always enjoyed more the jobs in exotic places, like Thailand or some island in the Mediterranean. I usually have good chemistry with my stage partners. It helps to have better pictures. I made a lot of friends during jobs. Even a couple of ex-girlfriends!


We always see you at gala events with stylish and well-cut tuxedos.  Do you choose all your looks or have the help of a professional?

I usually choose the outfits. I have a very classic taste in tuxedos, so it's very hard to mess it up. But I always ask for the opinions of my stylist friends. Depending on the event I can go with a more risky outfit, like for example the MTV awards.


 Which fashion professionals do you identify with and admire?

There are many professionals I admire in the fashion industry. In general, I like people who are authentic and innovative. As a model I have some people that I admire, like the Spanish supermodels Andres Velencoso and Oriol Elcacho.


We know that you have worked for major brands in the luxury market.  Do you have a special relationship with one?

I have a good relationship with all the brands I work for. Lately I’ve been working with Bulgari and we are creating a nice relationship between us. I’ve always been a fan of the brand and working for them is a dream.


You today more than a model is seen as a digital influencer.  Can you see the importance of this title in a world so full of fake news and haters?

The world is in constant evolution, and therefore so is the fashion world and modeling. Social media has opened so many doors to models who know how to use them. In my particular case social media helped me a lot with my job and with my image. People now recognize me more because of social media, but I’m still more a model than anything else.


Your popularity among teenagers is great.  Can you explain the reason for their identity with you and your content on social media?

I always tried to be myself on social media, as natural as I can be. I think that is what connects with people and why they follow me. I like to think that people watching my social media can imagine being me. Also, I love to joke and be funny on my media, I like entertaining people.


How does Xavier like to dress?  Would you know how to talk about your style?

Very simple. I want all the attention on my face and the shape of my body, so I try to keep it simple. Sometimes designers send me more sophisticated clothes, then I get more creative with my looks.


What's not lacking in your closet?  What is the first piece you think of when you want to rock the production?

Good jeans and a nice basic shirt. Add a leather jacket and you have a winner outfit.


How do you take care of mental and physical health in such difficult times.

Being close to my friends and talking with my family. Also, it’s important to keep yourself busy with projects. And of course working out helps always!


 In your opinion, after going through this whirlwind of emotions due to COVID 19, will we go out loving the next one more?  What do you want to learn for the next generations?

I think after all this pandemic, we will appreciate more the human interactions. A nice talk with your friends, a dinner with your date, playing sports, etc. Honestly the most important and satisfying things we can do are usually simple things that we do with our loved ones.


How is your relationship with your followers?  Can you have a frequent dialogue to understand what they most like to see on your profile?  Or do you just like to remain natural and be you?

I try to talk with them as much as I can, via ig live or comments. I love getting to know my audience, it makes me so proud. It's hard to have a long talk with them but at least we have some little chats on social media.


 Finally, I would like to say that there are many admirers in Brazil.  Have you already come to our country?  Do you have any history with our culture?

I love Brasil. I went to Rio for Carnival two years ago and it was one of the best trips of my life. I can’t wait to go again and explore other cities. I grew up in Barcelona watching Ronaldinho playing for Barcelona, so I have always been interested in Brasilian culture. Also, I have many many Brasilian friends living in Barcelona. I feel like in another life I was Brasilian!


Thanks Xavier.

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