TheMenStyle entrevista Leonardo Corredor

por Deco Tajra | 29•09•2018

Oi galera, tudo bem? Hoje convidei um fotógrafo que admiro muito para uma conversa bem legal. Leonardo Corredor é um nome importante no cenário da fotografia de moda e ele fala sobre os novos projetos que vem por ai, inclusive da sua temporada no Brasil.

Vamos ver?

Tell me a little about you...


A man with special affinity for beauty of all kinds, with the desire to live a life as close as possible to my instincts and as far as possible to society standards.

A man who tries to never forget we are all animals corrupted by a overly evolved mind.


How did you started as a photographer?


It was organic. I’ve always loved art in all forms, and I’ve explored many kinds of it trough my life. Photography is just one of the art forms I’ve discovered to love and Trough lots of hard work became my job.


That being said I don’t wanna be defined by just photography I intend to explore whatever other art forms that I might feel intrigued by at different stages of my life.


What do you love about your work?


The idea of being able to create a fantasy trough a visual.


The most laborious part of your job?


It must be that it requires a lot of patience, and this has never been my biggest strengths.


The whole thing it’s a never ending intense and challenging task. Being an artist is a very diluted concept this days but that being said I’ve learned to focus on my message and believe on my process, So at the end it is all truly a delight, even the down sides of it.



You live in New York, is this the best place for a photographer to be based?



I think is all relative to what kind of work you do, I don’t think you need to be anywhere specific to be a photographer. If your message as an artist is loud and clear you can make great work from pretty much anywhere, and clients will bring you wherever they need your style, anywhere is only a flight away this days.


I am myself on a process of discovering where do I wanna base myself since I’ve realized that Nature and beautiful light is almost crucial for me as a man and as an artist. I’d also love some mountains like i once had back home.




What model was important to you to portray?


There are all kinds of beautiful people I have photographed trough my career, So Manny special and unique creatures.


I recently portrayed children in some of the poorest neighborhoods of Cuba and also people from homeless communities in The city of Angels, that was something I’ll never forget.



Tell us a little of what brings you to Brazil. Any special project?


Indeed, I am Venezuelan, and originally I wanted to come to my country but unfortunately my country is facing a brutally sad reality so it didn’t feel like the right time for it.

I decided to think of another paradise destination, specifically in South America where I could come to disconnect and shoot art for a photography book that I am making. Always been a big fan of Brazil and it’s people so I figured it was the perfect place, I am also visiting Colombia after.



Have you worked with brazilian models?


I have worked with several brazilian male and female models trough my career and I adore them because like they love creating sensual work.



Any names you could give us that have special potential in front of the lense?


Ha ha I can’t answer this question I’ve shot too many Brazilians top’s who have become personal friends and not gonna show favoritism.



And finally... a dream job?


Pirelli Calendar.




It was a pleasure.


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