TheMenStyle interview / Franco Noriega. @franconorhal

A super cool chat with the chef, about fashion, career and sport. Let’s take a look 😃

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Hello Franco. All good? Let’s talk a little about men’s fashion?

Have you managed to define your style?

I am more classic with a hint of beach. I go for pieces that are timeless but laid-back, like tailored linen shirts and nice pants. It’s all about feeling relaxed and looking effortlessly put-together

How do you leave the house when you want to be comfortable and stylish?

Clean shoes, dark jeans, a good watch, and a unique fragrance.

3 brands that we would certainly easily find in your closet.

James Peres, Moncler, Ari.


Fashion and cuisine: Can you find a connection, or do they have nothing to do with each other?

Cook as if it were just for yourself, and others will appreciate it. The same applies to fashion. When you’re comfortable with your style, others will notice it immediately

When we talk about personal and skin care: Do you consider yourself a vain man? Tell us a little about your daily care!

We’re in a world where what is considered vanity is now linked to how you care for your skin. It’s no longer about covering it up or applying a filter; it’s about keeping it as healthy as possible. I believe in hydration and skin protection, so I moisturize every day and wear sunblock

Which label (brand) would you not think twice about doing a collaboration/work with?



And so, which professional achievement was kept in a special place?

The launch of my first business where I turned an idea into reality. It was a journey filled with challenges, late nights, and a lot of learning, but seeing it come to life was incredible

What is your culinary preference? Which country has the best food, in your opinion?

I like Italian food a lot, I like the simplicity of the dishes and the quality of the ingredients. Everywhere you eat in Italy is delicious

But Pão de Queijo is and will forever be a treasure in my heart.

Tell us a little about how Fellini Coffee came about? And what about your new vnture?

Fellini is an Italian coffee and wine bar that I opened last year, we have three locations in Manhattan (Soho, West Village and Chelsea) and it’s growing fast, I’m excited because it is scalable business. Eventually I would like to open one in São Paulo, I think it would work really well there.

Where do your references and influences come from when it comes to dressing? (family, television, personal perceptions and experiences, etc.)

My dad is the best example for me. He was always cool but elegant and has a passion for watches which we share.


Is there a right and wrong when putting together a look?

Totally, although they are subjective to each person. That’s why it’s essential first to work on your personal confidence. So that what you call “right” is validated by you and not the rest

Do you have any fashion icons? That person you always stop and pay attention to what they’re wearing.

Mmm I admire fashion icons but don’t follow any. I like Johnny depp

What is your favorite piece in your closet?

My black leather motorcycle jacket

Tell us a little about your relationship with fitness 🙂

Since I was a child, I’ve always had a lot of energy, a bit restless. Sports were the best way to channel that energy. That’s how I became an athlete. I swam professionally for many years. Up to this day this discipline for sports and fitness is very much part of my life. I work out almost every day and love to be fit and how it makes me feel

And to finish. How do you see fashion in a 10-year future? Will much change? (Sustainability, Artificial Intelligence, Inclusion, etc.)

Sustainability is a key word. Fashion is one of the industries that generates the most waste in the world. I feel like there’s more awareness about our impact on the planet, I hope we continue to make progress.